Tumblr isn’t meant for 3am philosophical thought, or is it?

As an atheist, I am still sometimes ashamed by my fellow non-believers. Many atheists I know reject the existence of all deities, not just because of their education and firm belief in science, but because they believe religion and faith to be destructive.  Most atheists I know condemn Christians by saying that many of them will just sit and pray, but not take action - that there are too many Christians out there that believe that just because they have a “relationship” with God, then they are good people, and thus have permission to use an ancient book as a weapon to condemn people they’re unfamiliar and uncomfortable with. Essentially, atheists despise Christians for one sole reason - so many are hateful and hypocritical. BUT then it’s these atheists who turn around and say, “You are a Christian. Get away from me. I don’t like you” simply because the person believes in God.  I know too many atheists that won’t know anything about a person, but hate them because they’re a Christian. 

So you hate Christians for promoting hate?  How hypocritical is that? Seriously. I would like to live in a world were everyone can believe what they want to believe without being chastised for it.  I am completely supportive of having a religion, AS LONG as it’s not hurting, hating, and discriminating fellow decent human beings (most religions do, unfortunately, but not all.  There are still some good churches and some good religions, like Buddhism and just all-encompassing Unitarianism). As an Atheist, you are no better than a better-than-thou Christian if you are categorizing them, discriminating against them, and hating them for believing in something you don’t.  As long as Christianity isn’t used as a weapon, let people believe what they want to believe.  It’s nice to believe in something, whether it’s a god or the power of a dirty sock.

A second thing I would like to point out is that a lot of atheists I know are SUPER respectful of other religions - like Islam.  Atheists love being the minority, so they love supporting the minority.  Atheists, as a part of the modern Atheist subculture, hate discrimination, racism, sexism, religionism?, so they completely support other non-dominant religions in America.  They say, “Oh, that’s cool man. You have the right to believe what you want in America. It’s a free country. I respect you” But then they rage on about how much they hate Christians.  Once again, that is so hypocritical.  If you are an ATHEIST, then you should reject all religions equally. Right?

It’s okay to despise the concept of religion, and it’s okay to fight for human rights against the awful Christian extremists (or any religious extremists of that matter). I support that. When religion is destructive, fine, fight against it, destroy it, burn it down. But if a Christian is happy with him or herself, treats people well, takes action to improve the world, and lives an enjoyable life believing in their god, who are you to judge them?  If you judge them, you are no better, and I ashamed to have you as a fellow Atheist. Please stop giving us a bad name.

Making the tough decision to drop out of school or suffer this mental disorder just a little bit longer… :/


what a beauty

I would encourage every writer to keep a writing journal on them at all times.  This is not something that you have to write in every day or even every week, as many English professors would want you to do.  It’s just something to have when something comes to you - a thought, an image, an event, an emotion. Something that you feel compelled to tell the world or write down.  Or even sudden ideas for a creative piece. Keep this on you at all times because you never know when the occasion will present itself when you need to write it down.  I’ve been keeping one for a year straight now - I probably only have 15 entries.  My last entry before tonight was in August because I have not had anything significant enough come to me since then. But I’m not going lie, those sparse entries are some of the most groundbreaking images in thoughts that the world has yet to see and hear (if I’m allowed to brag). It’s moments like these that such a journal becomes crucial - not for habit, but for sudden moments of inspiration. Just keep it close by for months at a time because when the time comes, you may be writing down something that’s going to blow the world away. I am very proud of myself for keeping my journal around this long, with such sparse entries.  I’m going to write something amazing some day because of these entries, and I truly believe that.

So I’m quitting alcohol indefinitely.

It’ll be times like these that I learn who my true friends are.

Nervous to find out actually.

There is no worse feeling than a panic attack.

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